For those searching for a massage chair that can address the pain in the back region, there are three features that should be present in the massage chair model:

1) Heating modules: The heating modules included in massage chairs offer heat therapy which can help in relaxing stiff muscles attributed to muscle pain.

2) Shiatsu specialized massage: One feature of the massage chair that is believed to effectively alleviate back pain is the Shiatsu massage therapy. Researchers gathered 66 respondents with lower back pain and administered Shiatsu massage in a study. The respondents’ pain levels were then measured before as well as after four Shiatsu sessions. Results of the study showed that Shiatsu massage lowered the respondents’ level of back pain.

3) Adjustable massage intensity: Good massage intensity for people differs according to personal preference. As the massage chair cannot be treated as a human therapist, having a massage chair with flexible and adjustable intensity can aid in receiving the right massage experience according to the user’s preferences.

Our Pick:

Overall, one cannot dispute the truth behind massage chairs and its importance in a person’s health. Likewise, everyone would like to have the value for their money and avoid substandard equipment. A highly recommended model of massage chair for those with back pain is the Kahuna LM6800 This model of massage chair is packed with features that specifically target body pains and is also sold cheaper. More information about this model of massage chair is available here.

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