Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair

Another massage chair in the market that features the L-track massage system is the Titan TP-Pro Alpine. Its manufacturing company, Titan, has created two new massage chairs and the TP-Pro Alpine is one of these. Compared with the 8400 the TP-Pro Alpine is bigger in terms of chair size with even better roller technology.

Upon ordering the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair, customers will receive it through a secure box and the only assembling process that needs to be done is attaching the ottoman. This assembly process is very easy which can be done in ten minutes or less. It also doesn’t need additional manpower or additional services from the delivery company to assemble. With this convenient setting up procedure, owners can save a lot of money.

Another great aspect of the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair is its aesthetics as it sports durable fiberglass and plastic outer panel on both sides. While it looks very modern, it doesn’t look as out of this word as the full fiberglass exterior of Iyashi massage chair models. The Alpine instead boasts of a more traditional design. For its interior, the Alpine is upholstered using synthetic leather that is available in different colors such bright red, black, cream, and brown. The body of this massage chair is also narrow enough to squeeze through the regular door frames unlike with other massage chairs that needs disassembling just to be carried to another room.

The Titan TP-Pro Alpine is highly suitable for people that are 4’11” to 6’4” tall. For the massage chair’s shoulder airbags, these are located behind the shoulders of the user and are incorporated in the back pad. This is very advantageous for owners as they will not be bothered by shoulder airbag housings which are usually the case for common massage chair models. Even for users with large upper body which includes broad shoulders and wide chest, the massage chair can fit them perfectly because there are no hindrances in the shoulder area. The Titan TP-Pro Alpine is also very comfortable to use and is not claustrophobic for anyone who will use it.

The shoulder airbags of this massage chair also have a different function compared to the airbags located at the side. The shoulder airbags function together with the waist and hip airbags to create rotation and twists for the torso which could be felt especially during the stretch program. These airbags move by inflating behind one shoulder and then the other which in turn pushes the shoulder as well as the upper body forward. This happens instantaneously with the airbags in the sides which also inflate and pushes the lower torso and lumbar region forward. While the two motions are happening, the airbags located at the hips is also inflating to secure the hips to the chair and the torso is twisted through the inflation of the shoulder and waist airbags.

For the massage chair’s stretch program, it uses the L-track system but is quite different to the usual extension stretches of other models such as the Infinity IT-8500 or Inada DreamWave. The Alpine massage chair’s roller extends down beneath the seat which makes the back and the seat a single unit that moves together. Similar with Iyashi, this massage chair utilizes the ottoman to pull the legs and give a lower back stretch. For this model of massage chair, the unit reclines as one and the airbags in the ottoman secure the feet and calves and then pulls it down. This action causes the lower back to be also pulled down. This feature is just a part of the more sophisticated stretch programs of the Alpine massage chairs. The second feature of the Alpine’s stretch program is the instantaneous functioning of the waist, shoulder, and hip airbags.

The Alpine massage chair’s arm airbags are placed in the armrest and users can place their arms in the mechanism from the top unlike with other models that do this from the side. This feature enables the user to be in a more ergonomic and correct posture position.

To operate Alpine’s remote control is very easy. The device is not big and only sports a very simple display. It is located in a dedicated space at the front of the right arm rest. It also has a USB port close to where the remote is located where phone can be charged. The remote control has a button for zero gravity but is labeled relax position. There is also a timer that keeps track of the time left in a massage session which can be seen at the top left hand side of the display. Time left for sessions can also be adjusted with a press of a button in the remote control. Another great button for the remote control is the pause button which can stop a session to accommodate breaks such as with bathroom breaks instead of restarting the session from the beginning.

The Alpine massage chair has six auto massage programs such as the traditional Chinese massage, calm, deep tissue, snooze, night mode, and body stretch. There is also a vibration button in the remote control which controls the vibration massage in the chair. There is a dedicated heat button in the remote control to offer an excellent and deep lumbar or lower back heat. To control the speed, the button which should be pushed is the one labeled as strength which can be adjusted during both automatic and manual programs unlike with most models that only allows adjustment for manual settings.

The Alpine massage chair’s foot and calf ottoman can retract and extend electronically. The ottoman automatically stops at the right length through a sensor. Compared to the Iyashi which also has the L track system, the Alpine has a deep neck massage. It addresses both neck and the rest of the spine. And for all the features contained in the Alpine massage chair, the best of all is its extended roller track known as the L-track that travels from the back to beneath the seat. It targets the glutes, peri-sacral muscles, and piriformis. This roller system makes the Alpine massage chair very unique. Other massage chairs in the market utilize airbags to address the previously mentioned muscles but it is still the best to use rollers especially to address muscles strain and spasms. The massage chair can also aid with sciatica and piriformis syndrome. The rollers of the Alpine massage chair reach even the top of the hamstrings. Because this feature has plenty of benefits and advantages, most models in the market also offer their massagers with L-track system.

Good points:

  • Zero Gravity Recline
  • Lumbar Heating
  • 6 Massage Programs to choose from
  • Doesn’t take a lot of space
  • L-Track Rollers
  • Foot Rollers
  • Body Scan Feature
  • Extendable Ottoman
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Arm Air Massagers
  • 3 Years Warranty


  • Not cost savvy
  • Doesn’t Supports 3D Massage

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