Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Recliner Chair


Osaki’s massage chair line up is known for its reasonable costs even with features that are considered exclusively for high end massage chairs. One of the massage recliners in this line-up is the OS-1000 which is currently available in Amazon for just $1399 but still packs amazing features and offers the best massage possible. It is flexible enough to offer different massage speed intensity until six levels depending on the user’s needs. This flexibility also allows the user to try different massages. The OS-1000 massage recliner features the longest massage stroke at 29 inches which is a solution for those bothered by chronic lower back pain. This length in massage stroke can target even the farthest part of the tailbone. Another promising feature of the OS-1000 massage recliner is the quad roller system which generates a specific massage path depending on the exact shape and curve of the user’s back as well as a neck massage that targets the tsubo points which aids mental stress and offer relaxation. In terms of the high-end zero gravity feature, the OS-1000 massage recliner only has the airbag massage option. This may not be a promising feature for some but for its price, this option is already a good choice. Most common and cheaper massage recliner models are restricted to only have vibration massage and rollers. The OS-1000 massage recliner both have the vibration massage and rollers as well as airbags which is a great bargain considering its affordability.

Good Points

  • 4 Intelligent Roller System
  • 29 inch Massage Strokes
  • Tsubo Point Neck Massage
  • 5 Massage Programs
  • Wheel Casters to move the Chair
  • 3 Years Warranty


  • No Heat Massage
  • Bit Bulky
  • Unclear Instructions
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