Kahuna LM7800 | L-Track Roller System

Finding a massage chair that is loaded with great features and benefits but still won’t break the bank can be very challenging. One massage chair model that combines both functionality and affordability is the Kahuna LM7800 massage chair. Its manufacturer, Kahuna, is quite well known for delivering feature packed massage chairs at an affordable price. What’s more attractive for the Kahuna LM7800 is the little details and extra touches included to make the massage experience more enjoyable.

1. Hybrid S and L-track design

First, the Kahuna LM7800 has the hybrid S and L-track design. Normally we see either a massage chair that has S-track or others that are L-track. This amazing hybrid technology adopts the standard S-track motion which extends to the tailbone that maps the body’s spine and is similar to a manual human massage while the L-track follows it up by running further down to reach the glutes and the back of the thighs.

2. 3D Body Scan

The Kahuna LM7800 has the 3D Body Scan that enables the rollers to reach all the body’s pressure points. The scan positions the rollers automatically to the body parts that needs attention but if the scan misses some points, the user can do this manually using the remote. This could also be used to extend the massage field. Because of these two options, the automatic via body scan and the manual via remote control, owners are guaranteed that they have a choice when maximizing their massage sessions.

3. Space Saver

Besides being jam-packed with features the Kahuna LM7800 is a definite space saver. When in reclining position, the massage chair pivots on its base so that the owner would only need four inches space in between the massage chair and the wall. This feature is very advantageous for those who do not have enough space to spare for a bulky massage chair.

4. Zero gravity

This massage chair has the zero gravity feature which is quite uncommon for most massage chairs. Not only does Kahuna LM7800 offer the zero gravity seating position, they also offer three positions which improve the massage programs being administered. The zero gravity position places the owner’s knees higher than the heart’s level. In this position, the body is pinned closely in the rollers for a deeper and more penetrating relaxation massage.

5. Shiatsu Massage

The Kahuna LM7800 has plenty of massage options such as the Shiatsu. Another is the air massage mode which uses a total of 36 second generation airbags in the whole chair. These airbags provide complete head to toe air massage that can be adjusted according to diverse intensity levels. This feature is also very uncommon to most massage chairs in the market.

6. Adjustable Timer

Tthe massage chair has an adjustable timer. While the massage programs of Kahuna LM7800 spans 15 minutes, these can also be changed by five increments with a maximum of about 30 minutes. This gives the owner more control over their massage sessions which is absent in most models of massage chairs.

7. Heating Modules

The Kahuna LM7800 has extensive heating modules incorporated in the back of the seat and the leg massage ports. While Kahuna claims that their heat therapy is for the lumbar area, it actually has a large span that covers until the middle of the back. For the legs, the massage ports administer heat therapy for the calves and the feet. This is a special feature of the Kahuna LM7800 since most heat therapy only concentrates on the lumbar region instead of reaching other parts. While this feature seem promising, it also has a drawback as it is binary in the sense that the owner can turn it on or off but they can’t select if the heat therapy for the calves will be on while the one in the lumbar region is off. The temperature also cannot be adjusted. This minor drawback is not a big deal for most owners as they can still enjoy the other features of the Kahuna LM7800.

8. Hip Twist

This massage chair has a twist function known as the Hip Twist that is as good as the full body stretch. The hip twist is generated by the massage chair’s airbags which inflates and deflates. As this motion happens, the body experiences twisting motions that lessens the pressure from the spine’s disk. Compressed disks have been the leading reason for having chronic back pain.

9. Calf and Foot Massage

The Kahuna LM7800 has comprehensive calf and foot massage that is considered by many as the highlight of this massage chair. While most of the common massage chairs use airbags to administer leg massages, the Kahuna LM7800 also does so but it is combined with rollers in the calf area and the feet soles. There are dual rollers designated per foot although the company do advertise their massage chair as only having dual rollers when technically there are four rollers working on the soles of the feet. This feature may also be combined with heat therapy for a more relaxing experience.

10. Extendable Ottoman

This massage chair has an extendable ottoman through an extension module that adjusts according to the height of the user to accommodate even those measuring six feet and above.

11. Speakers

The massage chair has two excellent speakers located in the headrest where music can be played. The user can just plug their phone in, get their massage while listening, and just relax for the whole duration of the program.

12. Remote Control

The Kahuna LM7800 has a streamlined remote that was carefully designed so that the massage chair user will have easy access to all the chair’s features. The buttons are placed strategically so there will be no awkward fumbling around with the remote.

This massage chair is built with comfort and convenience in mind. Take for example the leg massage port which is usually the first part of the massage chair to be damaged. This specific model has a removable cover through a zipper which gives an option to make this part look new as time pass.

These are the twelve noteworthy features of the Kahuna LM7800. Of course, as with all products, there is an upside and downside to it. An upside of buying this specific massage chair model is its price as it is affordable and still loaded with features that provide the ultimate relaxation. However, the downside of Kahuna LM7800 is its heat therapy that cannot be adjusted independently and also adjusted in terms of heat intensity. Another feature that can be improved is the twist setting which is more ideal if it becomes a full body stretch which can be more relaxing compared to the latter. Nevertheless, besides the two mentioned downside, the Kahuna LM7800 is still a great buy given its price and capabilities.


Good Points:

  • 2 Zero Gravity Recliner Positions
  • Shiatsu Technique
  • Body Scan Technology
  • L-Track Massage Track
  • Therapeutic Heat Massage Program
  • Dual Foot Rollers
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Built in Sound System
  • Adjustable Ottoman
  • No Assembly Required


  • No 3D massage
  • Expected more Massage Options and Customized Options

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