How To Massage A Baby – The Right Way


   1. Massaging the Tummy

Tummy massage should start at the middle of the chest. While both hands are at the chest area where the heart is located, repeatedly do a slow outward stroke. After this motion, one hand should be placed on the chest to gently stroke downward to the thighs. This action can be repeated while switching hands.

  1. Massaging the Legs

Starting the massage on the infant’s legs is highly recommended because it aids the infant in getting used to a person’s touch. To start a leg massage for infants, the adult should wrap their oil covered hands around the legs to do a downward motion massage. This action should be done repeatedly while alternating hands and placing gentle pressure. The massage should be done for both legs.

  1. Massaging the Feet

Giving the baby a foot massage facilitates good blood circulation. To start the foot massage, the foot should be gently held first and then rotated for a bit in both directions. Another massage for the foot is to gently and repeatedly stroke the area starting from the ankles to the toes and then massaging the bottom of the foot in circular patters using the thumb. The last massage for the feet is to gently do a pulling motion on all ten toes of the baby using the adult’s thumb and forefinger.

  1. Massaging the Back

A baby’s back massage should start with the baby positioned on his or her tummy. Both hands should then be placed at the base of the neck to gently stroke the body repeatedly following a downward motion to the buttocks. Other massage motions include doing the previous step with only one hand and massaging the side of the spine in circular motion using the fingers. A reminder is for the adult to refrain from massaging the baby’s spine directly.

  1. Massaging the Face

Start the massage of the baby’s head and cheeks following a circular motion using your fingertips. The thumbs should be placed at the end of the eyebrows to give a gentle stroking motion. The baby’s closed eyelids can also be stroked gently with small pressure applied only after three strokes. The ears can also be massaged using the thumb and forefinger.

  1. Massaging the Arms

Arm massage for babies can be administered by holding the wrist on one hand and doing a milking motion to massage the body from shoulders down to the wrist. This action should be repeated for both arms. Other massage motions include gently rotating the wrist in both directions, massaging the palm in circular motion, gently putting pressure at the base of the fingers, and massaging the fingers using a gentle pulling out motion.

   6 Miraculous Benefits of Foot Massage

Taking care of the body is usually confined at the face, hair, or the parts that are most visible to the people. What people mostly miss out on is taking care of the feet which possess wellness and rejuvenation ability that can benefit our overall wellbeing.

Even a short foot massage can bring both relaxation and relief to the body as well as remove stress, pain and fatigue. Despite not being supported by scientific studies, massage practitioners still stand by the benefits of foot massage and reflexology because of its ties to ancient Chinese medicine theory.

   Ancient Chinese Medicine Theory:

Dating back 5,000 years, therapeutic foot massage has been practiced in China. Its practice is grounded on the Chinese medicine theory that includes a force known as Qi which is made up of opposite energies called the yang and the yin. A healthy body would require a perfect balance between the two energies. An imbalance would result to blocking the Qi as well as mental and physical ailments. Meridians, or the path where Qi traverses in the body, are considered as communication channels inside the body. If the flow of Qi is blocked, the meridian surface or acupoints should be manipulated to free the Qi. A part of the body which has an abundance of acupoints is the feet which can aid in fixing the flow of Qi along the whole body.

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