Fujita KN9005 | 3D Full Body Massage Chair

One of the massage chair models in the more expensive range in the market is the Fujita Kn9005. This massage chair unit specifically used 3D Massage technology as well as numerous massage features that offer a more customized relaxing session similar to going to the spa. Despite being pricey, this massage chair is a great investment compared to other massage chairs double Fujita’s price but with fewer features.

The unit is large which requires additional help upon delivery. Its size makes it more appropriate for taller customers compared to other models. However, those who have the built of basketball players may not be able to experience a foot massage. The Fujita Kn9005 is excellent in giving relaxation as well as relieving pain.

Full 3D Body Scan and Point Navigation System

A 3D body scan and point navigation system is included in the Fujita Kn9005 massage chair which analyzes the user’s body for its type and length of spine. The scan also enables the massage chair to locate the body parts that would need massage as well as the parts that should be avoided. The Fujita Kn9005’s navigation system determines the contours and curves of the user’s back to provide a customized massage experience. Because of these features the massage chair offers a massage that is similar to ones administered by humans.

One of the advantages of the Fujita Kn9005 is its foot length detection and massage as it provides the best massage to the legs and feet for taller people unlike other massage chairs that do not fit larger frames. This foot length detection and massage offer leg and foot stretching programs that relaxes the calves, legs, and feet. As it is similar to having a massage from a human, it is more convenient for the user to fully relax. While this feature is for large people, those who are slightly above six feet may not be able to enjoy this particular aspect of the massage chair.

The Fujita Kn9005 sports 3D Massage Rollers that do not only have the up and down movement. The rollers are also capable of swerving back and forth as well as sideways to provide a more holistic massage. Massage actions such as tapping and kneading are also available to address muscles from deep within.

Another feature that the Fujita Kn9005 massage chair boasts about is its wireless remote control that is at par with the massage chair’s technology. It has pre-programmed buttons for more comfortable control as well as a navigational up and down button that can help pinpoint certain parts of the back.

The Fujita Kn9005 can also provide a full body massage similar to the traditional Thai massage which addresses the head, hand, wrists, and shoulders. The massage chair can stretch the pelvic area, neck, and shoulder blades muscles. It has some airbags and massage rollers to provide deeper and human like massages. Movements that can be done by the Fujita Kn9005 includes stretching, knotting, pressing, retracting, and locking to target pain and provide relief.

This massage chair is also capable of two-way zero gravity positions which offer spinal relief. This position raises the legs above the heart level for the spine to relax in a horizontal position. This position eliminates strain to the spine while the massage rollers provide deeper relaxation for the whole back.

Despite the abovementioned advantages, some owners have discovered drawbacks that would require future buyers to consider. For one, the Fujita Kn9005 is large and heavy. It weighs 287 pounds which can be challenging for homeowners who would like to move it when re-decorating their house or cleaning. Upon purchase, it is highly recommended that the owner assembles the massage chair in the area which he or she prefers to minimize the chance of moving it to a different place. As mentioned earlier, the massage chair can fit normal tall people but it may still be uncomfortable for them and they will not receive the same amount of comfort received by owners with a regular frame. Another downside to the Fujita Kn9005 is the manufacturer’s model line-up which shows minimal differences between models that usually leads to confusion. Even with the little differences among massage chair models, Fujita’s price difference is huge in between units.


Overall, the Fujita Kn9005 provides plenty of advantages and benefits to its user especially those would are plagued by muscle fatigue, pains, and the uncomfortable feeling in the hip. The massage chair also possesses diverse massage programs that address all body parts. The unit’s performance is also very close to massage therapies administered by humans. Because of these features, the Fujita Kn9005 does not have a cheap price tag and while there will be some hesitance for taller people, the massage chair is an excellent choice for everyone’s wellbeing.

– Weight: 290lbs
– Power Consumption: 200W
– Reclining Angles: 95-170 Degrees
– Preset Auto Programs: 6
– Warranty: 3 Years for parts and labor, 5 year warranty to its structure and framework

Good Points:

  • Full 3D Body Scan
  • Acupoints Technology
  • One of the Best Valued Massage Chairs
  • Two Way Zero Gravity Positioning
  • Body Stretching Program
  • Foot Length Detection
  • Foot Massager with Rollers
  • Tsubo Point Neck Massage
  • Infrared Body Scan Technology
  • Quad Roller System
  • Infrared Heat Therapy
  • Very Good Aesthetics
  • Waist & Pelvis Swaying Massage
  • Male and Female Modes
  • Good Warranty Deal


  • Large and Heavy Chair
  • Might not have enough leg room for tall customers


The Fuijita KN9005 is a high end 3D Massage chair that offers a complete package of features. Though expensive, it is worth every penny as it represents tremendous value for money.Contemporary chairs are selling at double the cost of Fujita KN9005, and they are far behind in matching the features.

With its widely varied massage capabilities Fujita KN9005 is all set to win your heart.

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