Five Home Remedies to Get Rid of Back Pain


A lot of people suffer from back pain which affects everyday tasks such as with any movement, whether it is to sit, walk, drive, or carry heavy materials. Back pains are usually the result of ruptured disks, osteoporosis or even arthritis. The most usual reason for back pain is muscle strain which can be unbearable. Home remedies are available to relieve a person’s back pain as detailed below:

  1. Get a Massage

Massage has plenty of benefits and one of these is to relieve back pain which has been scientifically tested. A research administered to 401 respondents claimed that massages were able to deal with their back pain. The study’s objective is to compare the efficiency of two diverse massage styles. Results showed that both styles were able to cure chronic low-back pain with the massages’ advantages lasting up to six months. You can get a massage through a therapist, your relative, and even through massage chairs. A step by step guide is provided on how to administer a massage for back pain relief:

Things to prepare:

  • Massage table or mat
  • A cleat sheet
  • One pillow
  • Three towels
  • Massage oil

Giving the massage:

Before starting the massage, a clean sheet should be placed on the table to protect it from the oil. This will also help with easier clean-up. The patient should lay at the table on his or her belly with a pillow placed on the chest area, a towel on the forehead, and another towel on the ankles for comfort. The last towel will be used to cover the lower body to protect the clothes from the oil or maintain privacy for those who will opt to take off their pants.

The oil should be spread using the hands in gliding strokes starting from one side of the back and then transferring to the opposite side. Circular massage motions can also be done using the palms. The direction of the massage should start at the center of the lower back, towards the side and then upwards. This motion has to be repeated for the middle and upper back area. Putting pressure using the thumbs on areas that experience pain and maintaining a cycle of increasing and sustaining pressure can also help relieve the pain.

  1. Heat Therapy

Day to day activities usually cause muscle strains that eventually lead to lower back pain. These muscle strains prevent the flow of blood to the muscles which eventually slow down the body’s recuperation process. Using heat therapy solves this problem at it helps expand the blood vessels of the muscles which enables the body to heal. Another advantage of heat therapy is its affordability which literally costs nothing. This process can be done through a hot shower, a heating pad, a hot bottle, or even using the heat therapy available on massage chairs.

  1.  Swim

Swimming can also address back pain as proven scientifically. It strengthens the back and abdominal muscles, and strengthens the spine against pain. More positive results are available when a person swims at least three times a week. The recommended strokes to treat back pain are breaststroke and backstroke.

  1. Yoga (Cat Pose)

Unlike with the earlier mentioned remedies, yoga cannot be done during sever back pain attacks. However, this can be used instead whenever there is a feeling of discomfort at the back area. A recommended yoga pose to treat spine problems is the cat pose. This pose requires the person to get into the tabletop position. The knees should be placed below the hips while the wrists and elbows should be aligned with the shoulders. Upon exhaling, the back should follow a rotating motion towards the ceiling while pushing the face downwards. Upon inhaling, the body should go back to the primary table top position.

  1. Ginger Roots

Another remedy for back pain is ginger due to its anti-inflammatory capabilities. Ginger’s ability is likened to the effects given by aspirin. A recommended recipe for back pain using ginger as the main ingredient is to cut small pieces of one to two inches long ginger roots and place it in water. For 30 minutes, cook the

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