Best Massage Chair for Back Pain Sufferers


Earlier, massage chairs were seen as a luxury without any practical benefit. Today, massage chairs have improved which convinced people of its benefits, effectiveness, and usefulness.  Some of these improvements are the robotic massage techniques which provide relaxation as well as pain relief. Pain relief, especially in the back area, has been the primary driving force for people to spend money buying a massage chair.

Does it work?

Different conditions which cause back pain and are relieved by massage chairs are:

1) Muscle Strains
2) Osteoarthritis of the spine
3) Fibromyalgia
4) Vehicular Accidents
5) Fracture
6) Sciatica

How Massage Chairs Heal Back Pain?

There are three main aspects how massage chairs combat pain in the back region:

  1. Heat Therapy: One of the usual cures for back pain is heat therapy that facilitates blood circulation towards the strained muscles which releases pain stimuli. Good circulation is the key to heal strained muscles as it carries oxygen and nutrients. Heat therapy as a solution to back pain has also been acknowledged by studies.
  2. Relaxes tensed muscles: Muscle strains usually cause tense and stiff muscles around the lower spine. This is addressed by massage chairs by relaxing stiff muscles and facilitating muscle elasticity.
  3. Endorphin Increase: Endorphins are chemicals in the body that generate a good feeling. Having a massage is known to increase this chemical’s level to foster a great mood and address any feelings of discomfort.

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