Kahuna LM6800 | Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair Recliner


The popularity of zero gravity massage chairs have risen recently that the market has hundreds of manufacturers and models to confuse buyers. Unfortunately, these massage chairs do not provide the best fit for its user with a price range that only aims to get attention rather than deliver the best performance. The zero gravity massage chair, for example, is a great feature to look for in a massage chair model and customers should consider Kahuna LM6800 as it is considered one of the most excellent massage chair unit in the market today. The Kahuna LM6800 offers two levels of zero gravity which sets it apart from any other zero gravity massage chairs. This feature is also the most talked about in Amazon under their review sections.

One of the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair’s advantage is its durability and it also offers comfort even with frequent use. The unit’s features are fit to address all body pains experienced by its user. Also, the machine can reach and target the whole body to make sure that all sources of discomfort are eliminated.

As for its aesthetics, the Kahuna LM6800 sports a color brown finish with steel interior structure to sustain frequent use. The massage chair’s rollers use the L-track system technology which fosters whole body relaxation. Because of these rollers, the user can get buttocks massage which is quite rare as most of the massage chairs only offer lower back massage.

Zero Gravity

Many people have been fascinated with zero gravity massage chairs. This feature is a favorite for most because it offers the best relaxation possible. The zero gravity position which you can get from this feature enables a person’s weight to be evenly distributed in the chair which results in the feeling of weightlessness. This position allows maximum relaxation as the stress is taken out while the massage experience is highlighted. The chair’s position puts the person’s legs higher than his or her heart level because it is reclined which offers instantaneous therapeutic sensation for the whole body.

Yoga Stretch

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair features the Yoga Stretch program which offers a full body stretch that concentrates on the legs and pelvis. The Yoga Stretch can be combined with a regular massage in the massage chair which is a bonus from the Kahuna LM6800. The program is especially offered to eliminate toxins and stress while providing a light feeling to the whole body.

L-Track System

Kahuna LM6800 massage chair features an L-track massage program with four rollers. This massage program offers targeted massage from the neck down to the buttocks. This feature is also the longest massage track program available in a massage chair. It functions to decompress the user’s spine and offer a more efficient massage session. The L-track massage program is commonly seen among massage chairs that are more expensive. The Kahuna LM6800 sweetens the deal as they are giving the L-track massage program together with the massage chair at an affordable price.

Body Scan Technology

The body scan technology of a massage chair is a crucial feature as it helps the machine analyze the body of the user to provide a specific massage according to the body’s condition and shape. Different types of body frame will not encounter any problems with the Kahuna LM6800 because its body scan technology will adjust the type of massage based on its results. It is also easy to use as it only takes a few seconds to generate data from the body and save it on the database.

Air Massage Technology

Most customers assess massage chairs according to the number of air bags in its features. The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is very unique in this sense because it only needs few airbags to target the body. Kahuna’s airbags are automated to inflate and deflate which will induce deep stretches for the body. The stretch can be experienced in the hips, lower back, thighs and shoulders. Overall, a full body air massage is still possible even with fewer air bags unlike the common misconception that you need plenty of airbags to achieve the best results.

Twist Program

The twist program of the Kahuna LM6800 functions to target the waist and buttocks. The movement of this program twists the hip sideways and stretches the body just like when getting a professional massage therapist to massage the body.

Shiatsu Program

The Kahuma LM6800 offers a shiatsu program which is one of the most sought after and relaxing technique in massage. This style of Japanese massage combines the thumb, fingers, and palm pressure to stretch, move, and manipulate the body. The massage chair’s shiatsu is developed to provide the best shiatsu massage experience similar to the feeling of getting a massage from a Shiatsu practitioner.

Feet and Legs Massage

The rollers included in the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair bring full body relaxation amidst a stressful day. Since most of the time, it is the legs and feet that are in constant motion, people need to make sure that these body parts are also well cared for. The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair rollers target the acupuncture points of the feet and its airbags provide deep massage which both offers deep relaxation for the lower extremities. The legs are definitely not left out in the whole massage experience which makes this model of massage chairs better than other models in the market.

Heat Therapy

Another feature well-loved for the Kahuna LM6800 is the heat therapy for the lower back and calves. Heat therapy enables the dilation of blood vessels in the muscles of the lumbar spine while the calves’ blood circulation is enhanced with this treatment. Overall, this feature fosters the nutrient and oxygen flow in the body which in turn may heal damaged tissues.


All in all, the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is a great unit that can offer the best relaxation for the whole body. Long-time users stand by this as evidenced by countless reviews that praise the product. One of the main reasons why they like Kahuna LM6800 is because of the numerous features mostly associated with more expensive models that are contained in this model but for a more affordable price tag. This is very unique for Kahuna LM6800 because it is rare to find all these specifications in another model of the same price range. This is especially true for the L-track program which is commonly provided for the more expensive models. If the user feels that the feet rollers are intense, this could be remedied by putting a cloth under the feet. Besides this minor adjustment, the Kahuna LM6800 is a great choice to take into consideration should anyone be looking for a great massage chair to use.

Good points:

  • Great price for the Available Features
  • Includes L-track based Massage Function
  • Two Zero Gravity Positions
  • Includes Dual Foot Rollers
  • Quad-Roller Massage System
  • Includes Body Scan Features
  • Yoga Stretch Program
  • Heat Therapy
  • Automatic Massage Programs
  • Shiatsu Specialized Therapy
  • Extendable Footrest (5.2″ to 6.2″ tall)
  • Space Saver Chair
  • 5 Massage Programs to Target Specific Body Parts
  • Excellent Warranty Cover


  • Limited Features Compared to High end Chairs
  • Assembly is required and not easy. Better choose “white glove” service for delivery to your room and set up.
  • For some customers the foot massage roller strength is too intense

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Infinity Iyashi | Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Most people looking for a massage chair prefer to look at the features instead of the price tag especially if they have the resources to do so. For these types of consumers, they can try looking into Infinity Iyashi which is at par with other models such as the Inada Sogno, Fujita KN9003 as well as other advanced models in the market within this price range.

A great feature in the Infinity Iyashi is the Bluetooth connectivity capability of the unit. This is a very exciting feature for music lovers as the massage chair allows any Android or Apple gadget to play music through the dedicated speakers in the unit. Infinity Iyashi also has the synchronic massage program which recognizes the music type being played and configures the massage to match the rhythm.

The Infinity Iyashi has the following top notch features:

  • Six Auto Massage Programs which includes kneading, tapping, knocking, synchronic, shiatsu, and combination. These massage programs can also be used with different intensity levels which results to diverse massage types that will suit everyone’s preference.
  • Two zero gravity positions are available for Infinity Iyashi massage chair which offers a similar sensation like the ones felt by NASA astronauts in the space shuttle.
  • Longest massage roller reach is also possible with Infinity Iyashi because of its L-track system that spans 49 inches. This roller system also makes Infinity Iyashi one of the massage chairs that have the longest roller in the market.
  • The Infinity Iyashi comes with three different designs such as black and white, white and berry red and while and caramel. This is a unique feature for a massage chair design compared with traditional massage chairs littered in the market. The Infinity Iyashi’s look is very chic and modern which makes the model one of the most attractive massage chairs on sale.
  • A Bluetooth connectivity capability is included in the Infinity Iyashi massage chair which is great especially for music lovers as they can connect their devices in the unit and play music while getting a massage. The Infinity Iyashi also has three synchronic massage programs that allow the music being played to match the massage being administered to the body.
  • A three year warranty is included in the Infinity Iyashi which includes parts and labor which can also be upgraded with a minimal additional fee.


Overall, the Infinity Iyashi is a great model of massage chair especially with its 49 inches roller. However, this is at the expense of the neck massage. For customers who are looking for a massage chair that can be adjusted in terms of intensity which does not leave out any body parts in need of a massage, then Infinity Iyashi might not be the massage chair to purchase. Despite this, the Infinity Iyashi still has an excellent massage program, great looks, and saves space which is uncommon for other pricey massage chairs. While it does have some downsides, the advantages of these features offer a great opportunity for its buyers.

Good Points:

  • 6 Auto Massage Programs
  • 2 Zero Gravity Positions
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (Built in Speakers)
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 49″ Roller Track
  • Spinal Correction (New)
  • Can be Operated through your Smartphone
  • Satisfying Deep Massage
  • Space Saving Sliding Base
  • L-Track Massage System
  • Chair Design is Unique and similar


  • Above Average Price
  • Neck Massage is a bit on the Weak side
  • Massage Roller Intensity is Not Adjustable
  • Very heavy
  • Doesn’t have 3D massage rollers, meaning they don’t move forward or backward.

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Fujita KN9005 | 3D Full Body Massage Chair

One of the massage chair models in the more expensive range in the market is the Fujita Kn9005. This massage chair unit specifically used 3D Massage technology as well as numerous massage features that offer a more customized relaxing session similar to going to the spa. Despite being pricey, this massage chair is a great investment compared to other massage chairs double Fujita’s price but with fewer features.

The unit is large which requires additional help upon delivery. Its size makes it more appropriate for taller customers compared to other models. However, those who have the built of basketball players may not be able to experience a foot massage. The Fujita Kn9005 is excellent in giving relaxation as well as relieving pain.

Full 3D Body Scan and Point Navigation System

A 3D body scan and point navigation system is included in the Fujita Kn9005 massage chair which analyzes the user’s body for its type and length of spine. The scan also enables the massage chair to locate the body parts that would need massage as well as the parts that should be avoided. The Fujita Kn9005’s navigation system determines the contours and curves of the user’s back to provide a customized massage experience. Because of these features the massage chair offers a massage that is similar to ones administered by humans.

One of the advantages of the Fujita Kn9005 is its foot length detection and massage as it provides the best massage to the legs and feet for taller people unlike other massage chairs that do not fit larger frames. This foot length detection and massage offer leg and foot stretching programs that relaxes the calves, legs, and feet. As it is similar to having a massage from a human, it is more convenient for the user to fully relax. While this feature is for large people, those who are slightly above six feet may not be able to enjoy this particular aspect of the massage chair.

The Fujita Kn9005 sports 3D Massage Rollers that do not only have the up and down movement. The rollers are also capable of swerving back and forth as well as sideways to provide a more holistic massage. Massage actions such as tapping and kneading are also available to address muscles from deep within.

Another feature that the Fujita Kn9005 massage chair boasts about is its wireless remote control that is at par with the massage chair’s technology. It has pre-programmed buttons for more comfortable control as well as a navigational up and down button that can help pinpoint certain parts of the back.

The Fujita Kn9005 can also provide a full body massage similar to the traditional Thai massage which addresses the head, hand, wrists, and shoulders. The massage chair can stretch the pelvic area, neck, and shoulder blades muscles. It has some airbags and massage rollers to provide deeper and human like massages. Movements that can be done by the Fujita Kn9005 includes stretching, knotting, pressing, retracting, and locking to target pain and provide relief.

This massage chair is also capable of two-way zero gravity positions which offer spinal relief. This position raises the legs above the heart level for the spine to relax in a horizontal position. This position eliminates strain to the spine while the massage rollers provide deeper relaxation for the whole back.

Despite the abovementioned advantages, some owners have discovered drawbacks that would require future buyers to consider. For one, the Fujita Kn9005 is large and heavy. It weighs 287 pounds which can be challenging for homeowners who would like to move it when re-decorating their house or cleaning. Upon purchase, it is highly recommended that the owner assembles the massage chair in the area which he or she prefers to minimize the chance of moving it to a different place. As mentioned earlier, the massage chair can fit normal tall people but it may still be uncomfortable for them and they will not receive the same amount of comfort received by owners with a regular frame. Another downside to the Fujita Kn9005 is the manufacturer’s model line-up which shows minimal differences between models that usually leads to confusion. Even with the little differences among massage chair models, Fujita’s price difference is huge in between units.


Overall, the Fujita Kn9005 provides plenty of advantages and benefits to its user especially those would are plagued by muscle fatigue, pains, and the uncomfortable feeling in the hip. The massage chair also possesses diverse massage programs that address all body parts. The unit’s performance is also very close to massage therapies administered by humans. Because of these features, the Fujita Kn9005 does not have a cheap price tag and while there will be some hesitance for taller people, the massage chair is an excellent choice for everyone’s wellbeing.

– Weight: 290lbs
– Power Consumption: 200W
– Reclining Angles: 95-170 Degrees
– Preset Auto Programs: 6
– Warranty: 3 Years for parts and labor, 5 year warranty to its structure and framework

Good Points:

  • Full 3D Body Scan
  • Acupoints Technology
  • One of the Best Valued Massage Chairs
  • Two Way Zero Gravity Positioning
  • Body Stretching Program
  • Foot Length Detection
  • Foot Massager with Rollers
  • Tsubo Point Neck Massage
  • Infrared Body Scan Technology
  • Quad Roller System
  • Infrared Heat Therapy
  • Very Good Aesthetics
  • Waist & Pelvis Swaying Massage
  • Male and Female Modes
  • Good Warranty Deal


  • Large and Heavy Chair
  • Might not have enough leg room for tall customers


The Fuijita KN9005 is a high end 3D Massage chair that offers a complete package of features. Though expensive, it is worth every penny as it represents tremendous value for money.Contemporary chairs are selling at double the cost of Fujita KN9005, and they are far behind in matching the features.

With its widely varied massage capabilities Fujita KN9005 is all set to win your heart.

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Review of Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

People may want to have a massage char that is packed with all the great features but unfortunately their budget is not enough to buy the top of the line products in the market. A great massage chair model for people like the ones mentioned earlier is the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair that also combines a recliner with heating therapy. This massage chair is a great choice for those who do not want to break the bank. The unit comes with L-track rollers that move from the head to the hamstrings. Besides this, the massage chair also includes an innovative yoga program as well as diverse features that can most commonly be found in more expensive models out in the market. However, despite these promising features, the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair does not have insulation on its foot rollers which can be uncomfortable for some. This drawback can still be remedied quickly though with some innovation on the owner’s part.

One of the advantages of buying the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is its cheap price despite having features most commonly seen with more expensive models. One of these features is the L-track roller system that provides massage from the back to the buttocks which is quite different with the standard S-track that only reaches up to the lower back. This system also offers 35% more reach compared with the S-track which addresses the thighs and glutes. A similar model to the Kahuna LM6800 with this feature is the Brookstone Renew. However, unlike with Kahuna LM6800, Brookstone Renew costs twice as much.

Another great feature of this massage chair is it is FDA registered. Besides this, the Kahuna LM6800 has two settings for zero gravity which makes it a true zero gravity chair. This feature enables the user to be in a reclining position that gives a weightless sensation because the legs are levelled or in a higher position than the chest area. This position of the body is believed to take away stress and provides a more focused massage experience.

Even with the zero gravity feature, homeowners are rest assured that it will not take a lot of space as the Kahuna LM6800 only requires five inches in between the unit and the wall to do the zero gravity program compared to other models which will need 15 inches or more. This massage chair also has six automatic massage programs which includes deep tissue, relax, yoga, stretching, rejuvenate, and SV-chiro. Of these programs, most people enjoy the yoga massage that lasts for about 30 minutes because it combines deep massage with stretching. Besides the features, the Kahuna LM6800 is also supported by good reviews as well as customer support. For manufacture defects, the merchant is well known to offer after sales support which entails replacements.

The Kahuna LM6800 is able to provide shiatsu massage which is a good bargain. While it may not be at par with the more luxurious models, it is considered as the best among other expensive brands with the same features. The massage chair’s L-track roller feels similar to the Osaki OS 3D and feels better than Human Touch Acutouch 6.0. Besides this, the airbag shoulder massage is unrivaled compared to other models in the market.

While the above-mentioned advantages seem promising, the Kahuna LM6800 also has some downsides to it. First, it has rough foot rollers because of its thin lining that does not protect the feet at all which results to an uncomfortable feeling. This, however, can be solved by putting the foam that comes with the packaging under the foot roller cover to function as cushion. Other rough and uncomfortable feeling owners may encounter in the deep massage feature which affects the legs and the back can also be solved with the above-mentioned solution for the foot roller.

Another disadvantage of the Kahuna LM6800 is it is noisy when being operated which can be a bother for the person using it depending on their taste. However, keep in mind that with its price, it’s more convenient to stop the noise using earplugs than choosing a different model with lesser features or one that is more expensive.

The Kahuna LM6800 is also heavy at 220 pounds which would require two people to move it. The massage chair is also very challenging to assemble even if it has only four parts because the manual’s translation to English is inaccurate while certain steps in the instructions are missing. Some of the parts also don’t fit each other. There is a solution to this though for a minimal fee. Owners can request the delivery to include assembly which lasts for about an hour.


The massage chair offers 3 years limited warranty against manufacturing defects and poor labor. During the first year, customers shall get free site repair and free replacement for parts and frame. The warranty is limited only to structural damages or defects from third year onwards, and one way shipping cost is applicable for parts and structural defects for the second year.


Overall, the Kahuna LM6800 cannot be considered as the best model of massage chair but given its price and features, it offers the best deal and value for the money.

The Kahuna LM6800 offers high-end and unique features at a price that can be considered affordable.
– Weight: 250 pounds
– Max Power Consumption: 235W
– Dimensions: 65 x 30 x 40
– Auto programs: 4

Good points:

  • Great price for the Available Features
  • Includes L-track based Massage Function
  • Two Zero Gravity Positions
  • Includes Dual Foot Rollers
  • Quad-Roller Massage System
  • Includes Body Scan Features
  • Yoga Stretch Program
  • Heat Therapy
  • Automatic Massage Programs
  • Shiatsu Specialized Therapy
  • Extendable Footrest (5.2″ to 6.2″ tall)
  • Space Saver Chair
  • 5 Massage Programs to Target Specific Body Parts
  • Excellent Warranty Cover


  • Limited Features Compared to High end Chairs
  • Assembly is required and not easy. Better choose “white glove” service for delivery to your room and set up
  • For some customers the foot massage roller strength is too intense


I am a great fan of Kahuna LM6800 and considering its great features; it will be one of the best massage chairs you can find in the market, which is indeed budget friendly. Honestly, I am a bit skeptical about its low price; however, that should not be a cause to worry, as the chair comes with 3 years warranty. Moreover, the customer feedbacks are very promising. So, you have every reason to mark this product, until you find a better option.</p

Body massage is not just for relaxation; it should be able to rejuvenate your metabolism and offer mental tranquility. I found this massage chair ideal for people who looks for improved metabolism, relieve pain, relaxing effect and re-align the right body posture. Of course, the price is very affordable.

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Inada Flex 3s Massage Chair Review

The Inada Flex 3s massage chair has the physical built similar to the Sogno while its performance is unlike the Dreamwave massage chair. The advantages of this massage chair lies in its treatment of the lower back and shoulder areas as well as its stretching program.

The roller track system of the Inada Flex 3s reaches the sacral area similar to the Sogno but it concentrates longer in that area. Pain is usually felt in the sacral area which this massage chair addresses. The sacrum refers to the bone at the bottom of the spine above the tailbone. It functions as the base of the spinal vertebrae.

Another advantage of getting the Inada Flex 3s is the easy to follow user manual which can be read in twenty minutes but would still give the owners plenty of information about the massage chair. The explanation in the manual details all the functions and the functions’ role in the body. The massage chair is also smaller compared to Sogno which is beneficial because it doesn’t use or require a very big space. But with this compact size for the massage chair comes with a height limitation of 6’2”.

The Inada Flex 3s runs quietly which is quite surprising as the airbags do not emit loud sounds as they inflate and deflate. For other massage chair models, the airbags are very noisy which can affect a person’s relaxation. The massage chair also has a dedicated button for auto upright in the remote control that puts back the chair in the upright position after a program finishes. However, for sessions that end before the program is completed, this feature does not work. For this, the owner will have to press the recline button to restore the upright position. This could also be done by holding the recline button for two seconds as it would automatically put back the chair in the reclining position without needing to hold down the button for the entire time. The Inada Flex 3s massage chair also has a separate leg rest and chair back recline and incline buttons which puts back the massage chair in upright position if pressed for two seconds. This option is made available for those who prefer to have consecutive sessions in the massage chair as it will not automatically bring them in the upright position after one session ends. To do this, they should not turn on the auto upright button so that they will remain reclined in preparation for the next massage session.

The Inada Flex 3s massage chair’s rollers and airbags can be regulated in terms of intensity in two ways. One, owners can use the separate intensity adjustment buttons found in the remote control to alter the intensity of each feature independent of each other. Another way is to press the max intensity button which increases the roller and airbag intensity instantaneously. This button also places the roller and airbag intensity to high. For different levels of intensity, the separate intensity button can be used such as adjusting one feature to low while the other at medium. The main purpose of these buttons is to provide a one touch button for those who would like to increase the intensity of the airbags.

Another feature of the Inada Flex 3s massage chair is the heating module located at the soles of the feet as well as the palms of the hand extending to the fingers. This feature is very unique compared to other massage chairs in the market which only have low or middle back heating elements. One model which provides heat therapy for the soles of the feet is the Sanyo 7700. This heating feature of Inada Flex 3s is similar to getting a hot stone massage for the hands and feet.


Warranty conditions
Inada Flex 3S comes with a 3-year limited warranty against defective parts and manufacturing issues.

– Chair Weight: 165 lbs
– Dimensions (upright): 42″ X 33″ X 50″
– User height range: 5’0″ – 6’2″
– Pre-programmed modes: 9
– Pre-programmed modes duration: more than 15 minutes
– Power consumption: 140 Watts

Good Points

  • Hot Stone Massage Therapy
  • Quiet when running
  • Full Body Massage
  • Full Body Stretch
  • Shiatsu Massage Program
  • Removable Headrest
  • 3D Roller Technology
  • Infrared Body Scan
  • Posture Enhanced Stabilizers
  • Hip and Thigh Massage
  • Calf and Foot Massage
  • Extendable Ottoman


  • No Foot Rollers. Foot rollers give a better massage to the soles of the feet instead of air massage.
  • No Memory Settings to Save your Favorite Massage
  • No Lumbar Heat
  • Not a L-Track Massage Chair
  • No Zero Gravity Recline Positions


Inada Flex 3S is the number one massage chair in terms of the advanced massage features including stretching techniques. People who don’t want to compromise on quality and performance would love this massage chair.

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Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair

Another massage chair in the market that features the L-track massage system is the Titan TP-Pro Alpine. Its manufacturing company, Titan, has created two new massage chairs and the TP-Pro Alpine is one of these. Compared with the 8400 the TP-Pro Alpine is bigger in terms of chair size with even better roller technology.

Upon ordering the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair, customers will receive it through a secure box and the only assembling process that needs to be done is attaching the ottoman. This assembly process is very easy which can be done in ten minutes or less. It also doesn’t need additional manpower or additional services from the delivery company to assemble. With this convenient setting up procedure, owners can save a lot of money.

Another great aspect of the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair is its aesthetics as it sports durable fiberglass and plastic outer panel on both sides. While it looks very modern, it doesn’t look as out of this word as the full fiberglass exterior of Iyashi massage chair models. The Alpine instead boasts of a more traditional design. For its interior, the Alpine is upholstered using synthetic leather that is available in different colors such bright red, black, cream, and brown. The body of this massage chair is also narrow enough to squeeze through the regular door frames unlike with other massage chairs that needs disassembling just to be carried to another room.

The Titan TP-Pro Alpine is highly suitable for people that are 4’11” to 6’4” tall. For the massage chair’s shoulder airbags, these are located behind the shoulders of the user and are incorporated in the back pad. This is very advantageous for owners as they will not be bothered by shoulder airbag housings which are usually the case for common massage chair models. Even for users with large upper body which includes broad shoulders and wide chest, the massage chair can fit them perfectly because there are no hindrances in the shoulder area. The Titan TP-Pro Alpine is also very comfortable to use and is not claustrophobic for anyone who will use it.

The shoulder airbags of this massage chair also have a different function compared to the airbags located at the side. The shoulder airbags function together with the waist and hip airbags to create rotation and twists for the torso which could be felt especially during the stretch program. These airbags move by inflating behind one shoulder and then the other which in turn pushes the shoulder as well as the upper body forward. This happens instantaneously with the airbags in the sides which also inflate and pushes the lower torso and lumbar region forward. While the two motions are happening, the airbags located at the hips is also inflating to secure the hips to the chair and the torso is twisted through the inflation of the shoulder and waist airbags.

For the massage chair’s stretch program, it uses the L-track system but is quite different to the usual extension stretches of other models such as the Infinity IT-8500 or Inada DreamWave. The Alpine massage chair’s roller extends down beneath the seat which makes the back and the seat a single unit that moves together. Similar with Iyashi, this massage chair utilizes the ottoman to pull the legs and give a lower back stretch. For this model of massage chair, the unit reclines as one and the airbags in the ottoman secure the feet and calves and then pulls it down. This action causes the lower back to be also pulled down. This feature is just a part of the more sophisticated stretch programs of the Alpine massage chairs. The second feature of the Alpine’s stretch program is the instantaneous functioning of the waist, shoulder, and hip airbags.

The Alpine massage chair’s arm airbags are placed in the armrest and users can place their arms in the mechanism from the top unlike with other models that do this from the side. This feature enables the user to be in a more ergonomic and correct posture position.

To operate Alpine’s remote control is very easy. The device is not big and only sports a very simple display. It is located in a dedicated space at the front of the right arm rest. It also has a USB port close to where the remote is located where phone can be charged. The remote control has a button for zero gravity but is labeled relax position. There is also a timer that keeps track of the time left in a massage session which can be seen at the top left hand side of the display. Time left for sessions can also be adjusted with a press of a button in the remote control. Another great button for the remote control is the pause button which can stop a session to accommodate breaks such as with bathroom breaks instead of restarting the session from the beginning.

The Alpine massage chair has six auto massage programs such as the traditional Chinese massage, calm, deep tissue, snooze, night mode, and body stretch. There is also a vibration button in the remote control which controls the vibration massage in the chair. There is a dedicated heat button in the remote control to offer an excellent and deep lumbar or lower back heat. To control the speed, the button which should be pushed is the one labeled as strength which can be adjusted during both automatic and manual programs unlike with most models that only allows adjustment for manual settings.

The Alpine massage chair’s foot and calf ottoman can retract and extend electronically. The ottoman automatically stops at the right length through a sensor. Compared to the Iyashi which also has the L track system, the Alpine has a deep neck massage. It addresses both neck and the rest of the spine. And for all the features contained in the Alpine massage chair, the best of all is its extended roller track known as the L-track that travels from the back to beneath the seat. It targets the glutes, peri-sacral muscles, and piriformis. This roller system makes the Alpine massage chair very unique. Other massage chairs in the market utilize airbags to address the previously mentioned muscles but it is still the best to use rollers especially to address muscles strain and spasms. The massage chair can also aid with sciatica and piriformis syndrome. The rollers of the Alpine massage chair reach even the top of the hamstrings. Because this feature has plenty of benefits and advantages, most models in the market also offer their massagers with L-track system.

Good points:

  • Zero Gravity Recline
  • Lumbar Heating
  • 6 Massage Programs to choose from
  • Doesn’t take a lot of space
  • L-Track Rollers
  • Foot Rollers
  • Body Scan Feature
  • Extendable Ottoman
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Arm Air Massagers
  • 3 Years Warranty


  • Not cost savvy
  • Doesn’t Supports 3D Massage

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Kahuna LM8800 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Among all the manufacturers of massage chairs, the Kahuna is one of the most sought after brand given their quality massage chairs. Among these is the LM-8800 massage chair that is packed with advantages such as the different colors it comes with. This is very important for owners that would like to see some colors to their interior. They can choose among lilac, orange, and peacock blue. Besides the color, the Kahuna LM-8800 massage chair is also compact that can be placed in any room as it only requires three inches of space to recline.

To control the massage chair, a remote control that recognizes not just English but also Chinese is provided. A dedicated LCD screen is very convenient for the user as it is easy to read during a massage session. The remote also has an intuitive design and layout which can start and adjust the massage programs administered.

Another promising feature of the Kahuna LM-8800 massage chair is the automatic body scan technology. This allows the massage chair to examine the body through a scan and determine the body parts that would need attention. This also provides a customized massage session for the different body types.

A unique feature that the Kahuna LM-8800 has is the 3D Massage Technology that offers deep tissue massage for the back. This is a great feature especially for those who experience stiffness when they get out of bed or after a strenuous activity. This technology lessens the recovery time as well as promotes relaxation.

The Kahuna LM-8800 also has diverse choices for its massage programs. Owners can choose from relax, dynamic, anti-stress, refreshing, aid sleep, deep massage, and vitality. One of the crowd favorites among these programs is the aid sleep. This program is specially designed to be used before going to bed. It provides optimum relaxation and puts people to sleep instantly. It also has a timer to ensure that even if you fall asleep, the massage chair will turn off.

This massage chair also supports Bluetooth connection so there is no need for cords. All owners need to do is just sync the phone and enjoy their favorite music. The massage chair also has built in speakers in the headrest which minimizes the need for headphones.

Kahuna sweetens the deal when you order the LM-8800 massage chair as it doesn’t require you to assemble it. Not only that, the White Glove Delivery Service ensures that the massage chair is located where you want it and they will only leave once you have tested and are satisfied with the massage chair.

Good points

  • 2 Zero Gravity Positions
  • 3D Full Body Massage
  • Synchronic Massage
  • Smart Body Scan
  • 3D Dual Roller Heads
  • Shiatsu Programs
  • Dual Foot Rollers
  • Extendable Ottoman
  • Shoulder, Lumbar and Hip squeeze
  • Built in Speakers with Bluetooth
  • Space Saving Design
  • Comes Fully Assembled


  • No L-Track
  • No Calf Rollers
  • Limited Number of Techniques and Massage Programs for such Price Range


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Kahuna LM8800 3D Massage Chair Review

Kahuna has become immensely popular ever since it launched in 2015. After the consistent success of Kahuna LM6800, which is one of hottest selling massage chair on Amazon until now, the company has launched its higher versions, the Kahuna LM8800, the best 3D massage chair in the industry.

I like Kahuna due to their innovative marketing practice. You can easily find the unique product features below to its price tag, and they continue to keep the same marketing technique for the new massage chair too.

Since they deliver the massage chairs in a fully assembled packet, things become easy for the customer, as there is no question of staggering assembling process. After unpacking, simply plug it. You are ready to use.

You can find everything that you are looking for in this massage chair. It has space saving design, 3D massage, zero gravity position, and intense foot rollers that can take you the realm of unrivaled massage experience. However, I would suggest you to have a better understanding about the massage chair, before you put your hand on it.

– Gross Weight: 253 lbs
– Power Consumption: 120w
– Time ratio: 20 minutes
– Reclining angle: 169 Degrees
– Automatic Programs: 8

Price and Discounts

If you found this chair to be the right match for your needs after reading the review below. Then consider yourself lucky because Kahuna is giving a massive discount on this chair. I can’t say how long the discount is going to last, but I’ll immediately update the review when it goes off.

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Kahuna LM7800 | L-Track Roller System

Finding a massage chair that is loaded with great features and benefits but still won’t break the bank can be very challenging. One massage chair model that combines both functionality and affordability is the Kahuna LM7800 massage chair. Its manufacturer, Kahuna, is quite well known for delivering feature packed massage chairs at an affordable price. What’s more attractive for the Kahuna LM7800 is the little details and extra touches included to make the massage experience more enjoyable.

1. Hybrid S and L-track design

First, the Kahuna LM7800 has the hybrid S and L-track design. Normally we see either a massage chair that has S-track or others that are L-track. This amazing hybrid technology adopts the standard S-track motion which extends to the tailbone that maps the body’s spine and is similar to a manual human massage while the L-track follows it up by running further down to reach the glutes and the back of the thighs.

2. 3D Body Scan

The Kahuna LM7800 has the 3D Body Scan that enables the rollers to reach all the body’s pressure points. The scan positions the rollers automatically to the body parts that needs attention but if the scan misses some points, the user can do this manually using the remote. This could also be used to extend the massage field. Because of these two options, the automatic via body scan and the manual via remote control, owners are guaranteed that they have a choice when maximizing their massage sessions.

3. Space Saver

Besides being jam-packed with features the Kahuna LM7800 is a definite space saver. When in reclining position, the massage chair pivots on its base so that the owner would only need four inches space in between the massage chair and the wall. This feature is very advantageous for those who do not have enough space to spare for a bulky massage chair.

4. Zero gravity

This massage chair has the zero gravity feature which is quite uncommon for most massage chairs. Not only does Kahuna LM7800 offer the zero gravity seating position, they also offer three positions which improve the massage programs being administered. The zero gravity position places the owner’s knees higher than the heart’s level. In this position, the body is pinned closely in the rollers for a deeper and more penetrating relaxation massage.

5. Shiatsu Massage

The Kahuna LM7800 has plenty of massage options such as the Shiatsu. Another is the air massage mode which uses a total of 36 second generation airbags in the whole chair. These airbags provide complete head to toe air massage that can be adjusted according to diverse intensity levels. This feature is also very uncommon to most massage chairs in the market.

6. Adjustable Timer

Tthe massage chair has an adjustable timer. While the massage programs of Kahuna LM7800 spans 15 minutes, these can also be changed by five increments with a maximum of about 30 minutes. This gives the owner more control over their massage sessions which is absent in most models of massage chairs.

7. Heating Modules

The Kahuna LM7800 has extensive heating modules incorporated in the back of the seat and the leg massage ports. While Kahuna claims that their heat therapy is for the lumbar area, it actually has a large span that covers until the middle of the back. For the legs, the massage ports administer heat therapy for the calves and the feet. This is a special feature of the Kahuna LM7800 since most heat therapy only concentrates on the lumbar region instead of reaching other parts. While this feature seem promising, it also has a drawback as it is binary in the sense that the owner can turn it on or off but they can’t select if the heat therapy for the calves will be on while the one in the lumbar region is off. The temperature also cannot be adjusted. This minor drawback is not a big deal for most owners as they can still enjoy the other features of the Kahuna LM7800.

8. Hip Twist

This massage chair has a twist function known as the Hip Twist that is as good as the full body stretch. The hip twist is generated by the massage chair’s airbags which inflates and deflates. As this motion happens, the body experiences twisting motions that lessens the pressure from the spine’s disk. Compressed disks have been the leading reason for having chronic back pain.

9. Calf and Foot Massage

The Kahuna LM7800 has comprehensive calf and foot massage that is considered by many as the highlight of this massage chair. While most of the common massage chairs use airbags to administer leg massages, the Kahuna LM7800 also does so but it is combined with rollers in the calf area and the feet soles. There are dual rollers designated per foot although the company do advertise their massage chair as only having dual rollers when technically there are four rollers working on the soles of the feet. This feature may also be combined with heat therapy for a more relaxing experience.

10. Extendable Ottoman

This massage chair has an extendable ottoman through an extension module that adjusts according to the height of the user to accommodate even those measuring six feet and above.

11. Speakers

The massage chair has two excellent speakers located in the headrest where music can be played. The user can just plug their phone in, get their massage while listening, and just relax for the whole duration of the program.

12. Remote Control

The Kahuna LM7800 has a streamlined remote that was carefully designed so that the massage chair user will have easy access to all the chair’s features. The buttons are placed strategically so there will be no awkward fumbling around with the remote.

This massage chair is built with comfort and convenience in mind. Take for example the leg massage port which is usually the first part of the massage chair to be damaged. This specific model has a removable cover through a zipper which gives an option to make this part look new as time pass.

These are the twelve noteworthy features of the Kahuna LM7800. Of course, as with all products, there is an upside and downside to it. An upside of buying this specific massage chair model is its price as it is affordable and still loaded with features that provide the ultimate relaxation. However, the downside of Kahuna LM7800 is its heat therapy that cannot be adjusted independently and also adjusted in terms of heat intensity. Another feature that can be improved is the twist setting which is more ideal if it becomes a full body stretch which can be more relaxing compared to the latter. Nevertheless, besides the two mentioned downside, the Kahuna LM7800 is still a great buy given its price and capabilities.


Good Points:

  • 2 Zero Gravity Recliner Positions
  • Shiatsu Technique
  • Body Scan Technology
  • L-Track Massage Track
  • Therapeutic Heat Massage Program
  • Dual Foot Rollers
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Built in Sound System
  • Adjustable Ottoman
  • No Assembly Required


  • No 3D massage
  • Expected more Massage Options and Customized Options

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Kahuna LM7800 Review

Kahuna LM7800 Review

This massage chair is definitely a great investment because of its features and the diverse customization choices the Kahuna LM7800 brings. This massage chair is also highly recommended for those suffering from chronic pain as it can easily be dealt with using the different programs to choose from. Also, the massage chair is compact so owners can definitely save space in their homes.

– Power usage: 120w
– Rated Voltages: 110-120V
– Weight: 279 lbs
– Dimensions (L x W x H): 55 X 30 X 48.5 inches


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