Apex AP-Pro Regent Ultra Massage Chair

In addition to the listed chairs, you can find Apex AP-Pro is yet another L-track massage chair features with 50″ stroke massage.  This feature is one of the longest stroke massage features, and the chair has many features, that makes it different from the rest.

The chair offers massage something similar to reflexology by using double hip rollers, which spins in a circular motion over your thighs and buttocks. You can experience the intensity of the massage when the airbags push you against the rollers while keeping your body in the chair.

To enjoy quick relaxation it employs calf rollers along with foot rollers and helps to have improved blood circulation, which is a unique process you can find with Apex AP-Pro.  Other contemporary chairs do not use this technology, but for calf massage, they use only airbags.

Don’t get surprised, when you come to know that it comes with 3 zero gravity positions.  Yes, it is true that it comes with 3 zero gravity positions. You will really enjoy the innovative zero gravity recline feature.

The chair comes in fully assembled manner, and it makes things easy for the users. Just uncover the package, and you are ready to use the chair immediately.

Good Points

  • Affordable
  • Extended L-Track Massage Rollers
  • Zero Gravity Positions
  • Auto Scan Rollers
  • Mechanical Calf Rollers
  • Foot Rollers
  • Hip Swing Function
  • Auto Leg Scan
  • Full Body Scan Technology
  • Heat Therapeutic Massage
  • Heated Foot Massage
  • Deep Spot Function
  • Outer Shoulder Massage
  • Dual Hip Rollers
  • Quad Rollers
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Lacks a Good Manual
  • Foot Roller Massage Can be too Intense for some
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